Resurrection Life

May 26, 2024
Paul’s words in 1 Thessalonians urge us to rejoice, pray, and give thanks always, while living in the fullness of God's triune life and love. To trust God is to…

A Taste of Sonshine

May 19, 2024
Sonshine Sunday is a wonderful day to celebrate the unique, unconditional love in the Sonshine Class, urging us to embrace God's Pentecost dream of valuing every voice beyond success or…

A Mother’s Heart

May 12, 2024
Mother's Day is a wonderful time to ask: "How we can cultivate relationships rooted in love and support beyond traditional constraints, fostering a culture of genuine connection and care?"

Earning vs. Effort

May 5, 2024
Discovering fulfillment means moving beyond society's emphasis on achievement and control, instead finding meaning in love, service, and trust in God amidst life's uncertainties. How could reevaluating our perceived control…

The ABCs of Church

April 21, 2024
Affection, benevolence, and community are essential for our relationships and cherished by God. They encompass the profound bonds, growth in kindness, and interconnectedness beyond individualism that help us live with…

Healing and Curing

April 14, 2024
What might it mean to trust in God's healing, especially when the world offers little solace or hope?

Unopened Eggs

April 7, 2024
Living as Easter people challenges us all to embrace sacrificial discipleship, fostering community and generosity. Are you content with passive faith, or ready for an active, sacrificial journey? If so,…


March 31, 2024
Easter can leave us with many questions, but hopefully they are the questions that make you "go" to God in prayer! But one thing Easter surely teaches us is that…