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Who We Are

Yates Baptist Church is a community of believers who seek to bring people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage each other toward spiritual maturity.

Yates is a family of faith that loves God, and we believe the welcome you receive reflects the gracious welcome of God to every person. We welcome all that desire to worship in the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We live out our faith by serving the people of Durham and the world and by nurturing the family in areas of children and family, youth, adult, senior adult and music ministries.

Yates is a congregation that loves its neighbors. Among these are “new neighbors,” families, professionals and students who have moved into the area for educational and career opportunities, as well as retirees and seniors moving to the area to be near adult children. You will also meet “native neighbors” who have been members of the church most of their lives. Though the membership is primarily caucasian, Yates is diversifying and desires to reflect the entire neighborhood in its ministries and membership.

Yates accepts members through baptism or by transfer of membership from another congregation. We also welcome those who worship and serve with Yates but maintain membership elsewhere.

Yates’ worship services include Bible readings, prayers, a variety of musical offerings, and an inspirational message from the Bible. Our style of worship is considered “blended” based on the use of both traditional and more contemporary music. We are equally comfortable in dresses, suits and ties, “business casual,” more casual or jeans.

Yates members bring rich and diverse opinions on theological issues and views on denominational organizations. There is a tolerance and openness within the church that allows for honest and candid discussion without fear of disrupting the strong fellowship of the church body. We are committed to conducting church life according to traditional Baptist principles:

  • The authority of the Bible
  • The priesthood of all believers
  • Believer’s baptism
  • Local church autonomy
  • The separation of church and state


More Information
Contact the church office (919-489-2309) or info@yateschurch.org
Yates website, yateschurch.org
Yates Facebook page, facebook.com/YatesBaptistChurch
Yates Youth Ministry Facebook page, facebook.com/YatesYouth


Find information about Yates’ 2018 church visioning process here.