Worship resources, meeting links, and other stuff while we’re apart.


  • 6/19, 3:00pm – Storytime with Australia [link to join meeting]
  • 6/13, 3:00pm – Storytime with Hal [link to join meeting]
  • 6/5, 3:00pm – Storytime with Judy [link to join meeting]
  • 6/3, 3:30pm – Final Choir, Children in Action, and Missions [link to join meeting]
  • 5/15, 3:00pm – Storytime with Lynn, Boys vs. Girls Trivia FINAL ROUND! [link to join meeting]
  • 5/13, 3:30pm – LIVE! Children in Action, Mission Friends, etc… [link to join meeting]
  • 5/8, 3:00pm – Storytime with Dr. Lisa, Coronavirus Q&A, and Boys. vs. Girls Trivia [link to join meeting]
  • 5/6, 3:30pm – LIVE! Children in Action, Mission Friends, Music with Anna, and More! [link to join meeting]
  • A ZOOM Free Week Links and Content:
    • Reality Ministries “I AM FOR YOU” Worship Album
    • BLAWESOME Flower Farm
    • Read and Reflect on a Story from Christian History (commentary on John Woolman’s journal):
      • Our story finds John one November evening in 1758, being hosted in the home of Thomas Woodward after preaching powerfully against slavery at a Quaker meeting. Please be aware that at this point Woolman has earned a reputation as a gracious man, not given to sharing his opinions unless he feels divinely compelled to do so. And when he does speak, it is always quietly and respectfully, never confrontationally. Because of his humble and loving manner, he exerts an unusually powerful influence upon others.

        When John enters the Woodward home, undoubtedly tired and hungry, he notices servants and inquires as to their status. When he learns they are slaves, he says not a word. Later that night, however, he quietly gets out of bed, writes a note to his host explaining why he cannot receive their hospitality, goes to the slaves’ quarters and pays them for the day’s service, and walks out into the night. His silent testimony pierces conventional attitudes and behavior like a carefully aimed arrow of the Spirit. When the household stirs to life the following morning, Thomas Woodward—over his wife’s vehement protests—sets free all his slaves. One more Friend has joined the abolitionist movement.

        There are many such remarkable stories in Woolman’s living testimony against the inhumanity of slave owning. Collectively, they form a wedge applying steady pressure against the practice of slavery—first among Woolman’s own denomination, the Quakers, and ultimately throughout the Western world.

        I hope this little account gives you a glimpse of what can happen when we are faithful to be “doers” of the Word, not just hearers. But make no mistake: we are doers of the Word, not doers of the supernatural work of the Word implanted in our hearts. Much heartache and grievous error results from mistakenly equating these two in our lives. John Woolman did not rise up one day and declare, “I shall be a mighty force for God against the slave trade!” and then plot a ministry plan to implement his strategic objective. No, he simply and humbly attended to Divine Breathings in the variety of means that were available to him. That is why when the moment came for him to speak, or to act, he was already prepared to do so.

        -Foster, Richard J.. Life with God (pp. 150-152). HarperOne. Kindle Edition.

  • 4/23, 3:00pm Storytime with Lacala + Boys vs. Girls Trivia! [link to join meeting]
  • 4/22, 3:30pm LIVE Children in Action, Mission Friends and Songs with Miss Anna [link to join meeting]
  • 4/17, 3:00pm Storytime with Mackenzie! [link to join meeting] + Disney Singalong Song Requests!
  • 4/10, 3:30pm Storytime with Gentry and the Boys! [link to join meeting] + Easter Egg Hunt!
  • 4/3, 4:00pm Storytime with Mark and Elaine! (link to join meeting)
  • Anytime – Choir, Mission Friends, Children in Action [link to video]
  • 3/27, 2:00pm Storytime with Pam and Doug! (link to join meeting)