Deacon Nominating Committee 2019

2019 Deacon Nominating Committee Election

Sunday, September 8

Ballots will be available in Sunday school classes and at Sanctuary Entrances. Absentee ballots will be available in the church office September 3-6.


The Deacon Nominating Committee (DNC) is elected each year to serve a one-year term.  Members of the DNC must be at least 21 years old, and only one immediate family member is eligible to serve.  Membership consists of two active deacons and four at-large church members.  Members of the DNC are not eligible for nomination to the 2020 Deacon body.


The following 2018 DNC members are NOT eligible to serve:

Todd Thornton, Anita Miller, Barbara Guthrie, Felicia Cothran, Walt Pickett, Judy Smith, and Jon Slaton.


The eligible active deacons are as follows:

Andrew Cruickshank, Deedra Nunnally, Lynn Odom, Matt Miller, Paige Bynum, Pam Riley, Dustin Williams, Winslow Carter, Lois English, Sean Fenton, Michael Jessup, and Stephanie Taylor


Please contact Barri Payne with any questions.

Thank you!

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