Transformation Stories: Kendall Hancock Baptism Testimony

[Kendall was baptized on Sunday, June 9. This is the testimony she gave about her choice to follow Jesus.]

I have been thinking about baptism for a long time but I didn’t quite know what it meant.  I now know it is about becoming part of the church and accepting God into my life; it’s making a commitment to follow and serve God for the rest of my life.  Ellen Cruickshank and Naomi Miller were a large part in this.  They sat an example for me each day I came to church.  Ellen did not know I was planning on getting baptized; Naomi however did.  Naomi helped me work up the courage to go up and tell Christopher I wanted to be baptized. From here on out Jesus will always be an active part of my life.  I’m ready to join the church and start my new journey with the Holy Spirt.

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