Transformation Stories: More Than Doing Good

It seemed pretty straightforward. Help some homebound church members and get out of the house for some “grownup time” too. A win-win for all of us. Who knew how God would use those years to transform my heart and mind. So began my experience with what is now called the Worship Away Committee.

My now 18 year old son was about a year old and I was a stay at home mom. There was a plea from John Fredrick (our former Minister of Adult Discipleship) in the church bulletin for members to deliver cassette tapes, prayer lists and bulletins to our homebound members. Awesome! I would be able to “do good” and get out of the house.

God knew I needed an attitude other than “do good.” Initially my plan was to get in to see these members, deliver what I am supposed to and move on the next person.  Well, I learned very quickly that you do not move through any kind of retirement community quickly when you have a baby with you. Everybody wants to see the baby. Now that my “babies” are mid and late teens I understand that. I want to see all the babies too.

What a blessing it was to be forced to move slowly through those facilities and homes. It forced me to slow down, interact, and have longer conversations than I would have had otherwise. I was a relatively new Christian and was given this gift of interaction.

There are many members of our congregation that I never would have known. Individuals that I looked forward to seeing. Individuals that taught me history of the church, told me stories about their lives, about their faith and so much more. It is an amazing feeling to sit with someone who is no longer able to recall names or dates, but can join you in reciting familiar scripture or familiar hymns. What a blessing. Many of these church members I had the good fortune to visit for years.

My life, my faith is so much richer because God took my need to get out of the house and “do something good” and transformed my heart into a love for seniors and an even greater love for Him. He knew what I needed all along.


– Felicia Cothran

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