Around the Grounds — January 2019

The House and Grounds Committee met on January 15, and spent time reviewing our list of projects around the church – both large and small. Thanks so much to Winslow Carter and Warren Jones for continuing to walk around our entire campus once each month to assess needs!

These are some of the larger projects that we are working on at this time:

Adding hand railings for the choir loft and up to the platform
Meeting with a roofer to address several areas that have recently leaked
Having repair done to the brick steps leading into the Fellowship Hall
Purchasing and installing four new ceiling fans in the Fellowship Hall
Replacing the coffee machine in the Break Room on third floor
Repairing damage to the roof of the Welcome Center drive through

The committee communicates regularly with the supervisor of our cleaning crew from Citywide Maintenance as well as Ken Leimone from First Choice Landscaping.

Churchwide “Clean-Up Times” are being planned for the weeks leading up to Easter. This is a time that we encourage SS classes or individuals to come in and take care of the cleaning that is not done by our part-time custodian or Citywide Maintenance.

Update on the Fence Project –
We have determined that some stone needs to be added in the back corner of the gym parking lot to fill in where considerable erosion has taken place. This will need to be done before replacement of the fence can begin. The parking lot drain must be kept clear of leaves at all times to prevent further erosion. We are expecting our landscaping company to clear the leaves once each week.

— Your House and Grounds Committee

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