Winter Weather Notice (Thursday 12/6)

Like you, we are watching the development of a potential winter weather event for this weekend. As of this writing (Thursday morning, December 6,) the forecast remains unclear, but it seems there is a strong possibility of snow, ice or a wintry mix, especially Saturday night and Sunday.


For now, we are not making any schedule changes. A copy of our severe weather policy can be found here. If we make a decision to change our Sunday schedule, we will communicate that change on WRAL, WTVD, our website and our Facebook page as soon as possible.


We continue to watch and wait like all of you as the storm develops. Given that the effect on our area specifically is still very much in doubt, we may take any one of three options in response:

  1. Proceed normally. If effects in our area are minimal because the path of the storm or its intensity has changed significantly, we will proceed with our normal schedule, including both worship services at 8:30 and 11:00 am and Sunday School at 9:45 am. In such a case, a TV or social media announcement is unlikely.
  2. Reduce our schedule to 11:00 am worship only. If the effect on our area allows for safe travel to the church, we will meet for worship at 11:00 am with those who are able to safely gather together. We will make an announcement via media channels (WRAL and WTVD), via social media and via our website. Please note that our announcement of 11:00 am worship only is ALSO an announcement of the cancelation of Sunday School and all afternoon activities for the day. Our decision to move to this schedule will be made in consultation with our Severe Weather Policy and with our value that the gathering for worship of those who are able is a part of our identity as a community of faith.
  3. Cancel all activities. If circumstances dictate this to be the most prudent response, i.e., significant accumulation of snow or ice, safety or if our campus is unable to receive anyone without danger, we may choose to cancel all services and activities. This again would be announced by media, social media and web channels. If we cancel morning services, all afternoon or evening activities are also canceled for the day.

As always, we want you to make the best decision that you can to travel here based on your or your family’s needs during the winter storm. Also, check on your neighbors, especially those who may have problems or vulnerabilities that arise due to the storm.


Stay warm and safe everyone!

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