Minister of Music and Worship Search Update

Greetings from your Minister of Music and Worship search committee. We greatly appreciate each and every one of you who filled out a survey, did an interview with a committee member, stopped one of us at church or in any way contributed to our efforts to learn what Yates members value in music, worship and staff members. Over the last month, we’ve been compiling and analyzing your responses to create a job posting. Some of the top values we saw were someone who is intentionally inclusive and can help people figure out how to use their gifts. We also want someone who is flexible and adaptable to accommodate the many things the Yates family values in worship. We’ll be working towards posting the job and starting to receive applications over the rest of the fall. Please continue to share with us and pray for us as we seek God’s will in filling this position.

Search committee:

Matt Miller, Chair

Brian Smith, Vice-Chair

Susan LeGrand, Secretary

Mindy Elliott

Judy Fenton

Keith Longmire

Gail Parker

Amanda Sturgill

Gail Zedick

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