Around the Grounds

Around the Grounds

…from your House & Grounds Committee

This is the first of monthly updates from your committee. We want to keep you informed of some of the things we’re doing all around the Yates campus.

  • Our new lawn service contractor, First Choice Landscaping, will begin taking care of our grounds in August. You’ll see the crew hard at work on Thursdays.
  • The office suite and Parlor carpets have been cleaned. Please avoid taking food and drink into the Parlor.
  • The refrigerator in the FLC kitchen has been repaired.
  • The magnolia tree just outside the entrance to the church offices has been limbed up. This addresses the police safety officer’s concern about visibility.

If you have feedback or concerns for the House and Grounds Committee, please contact Kathy Stickley ( or Janet Breedlove (

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