Inasmuch Day Project Emphasis

Inasmuch Day Project Emphasis

Project Highlights This Week: Blessing Bags and Powdered Milk

This week, we spotlight two projects that you can help with even if you can’t help on May 5. Both involve collecting and repackaging items for distribution to homeless people in Durham.


First is a “Blessing Bag” project, in which we collect personal items from church members and bag the items for later use by members as they encounter homeless people around town who are asking for help, particularly those that approach us at traffic intersections. The bags contain simple items of real benefit to the recipients, and we include a message of hope and love in them. This Sunday, you will see an example of the bags and get a chance to know how they will be put together. Stop by the sign up table in the vestibule and get an up-close view. Also, watch the e-news for specific items we’ll be asking you to donate.


A second project involves bagging powdered milk for distribution by Urban Ministries to the homeless of Durham who request help with food. Powdered milk at Sam’s Club costs about $16.00 (tax included) for a package that makes 22 quarts of milk. You can give this amount if you would like to do so and support the project! We will open the large (Sam’s) bags, measure the appropriate amounts, and reseal into a smaller bag – simple! Later, we will take the bags to Urban Ministries for distribution.


These two projects are available to anyone and particularly children, youth, and adults who have some physical limitations. What a great opportunity for both children and senior or other adults to work together on a project!


Look for more info during our announcement time this Sunday morning. If you have questions, contact the church office or our Inasmuch Day leader, Sam Haithcock.

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