Notice of Bylaws Change

Notice of Proposed Bylaws Change

The Deacons recommend modifying the bylaws of the church regarding ordination as shown*:



Section B. Ordination

In the event that the church is requested to ordain a member an individual who has been called to full-time Christian ministry, the following procedure should be followed:

1. The Pastor shall submit the candidate’s request to the Deacons.

2. The deacons shall select an Ordination Council consisting of deacons and non-deacons.

3. The Ordination Council shall examine the preparedness of the candidate for ordination.

4. Upon satisfactory examination of the candidate, the Ordination Council shall make a recommendation to the church during a business meeting regarding the ordination. Approval shall require a two-thirds majority vote of members present.

5. Following a vote of approval as outlined, the planning process for the ordination service may begin. (1 Timothy 4:12b-16)


This Bylaws change would allow non-members as well as members to pursue ordination at Yates. It would open the current process of ordination in special circumstances; such as, former members for whom Yates provided spiritual nurturing or former ministerial student interns.

As approved by the Deacons on November 6, 2017, this motion will be included in the January 31, 2018 quarterly business meeting.

{*Note: deletion in red strikethrough, addition in bold green.}

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