The Way of Discernment

The Way of Discernment

A course sponsored by Companions Along the Way

Facilitated by Larry Glover-Wetherington

How do you discover God’s guidance for personal and congregational decisions? Explore paths to clarity in The Way of Discernment, a 9-week study.

Winter, 2018 Beginning Wednesday evening, January 10th, Thursday morning, the 11th, and Monday evening, the 15th.


Who is this study designed for?

·       People yearning to hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance

·       Individuals looking for direction in vocation or life changes

·       Church leaders seeking clarity about their congregation’s distinctive mission

·       Christians searching for God’s will in matters of belief, ethics, and faithful living

·       Part of the Companions in Christ series, The Way of Discernment offers a biblical, theological, and practical framework for understanding the practice of discernment.


Sessions include

·       The Beckoning of Discernment

·       The Heart of Discernment

·       Fruit as Touchstones

·       Core Identity as Touchstone

·       Growing in the Gift

·       In the Hard Places

·       Communal Discernment

·       Elements of Perpetual Challenge

·       The All-Encompassing Audience


The Process

This study will be more experiential than informational. It will require about 20-30 minutes daily to do the exercises. You are encouraged to have a notebook to record the parts that are particularly meaningful to you. On the first day of each week’s study there will be an article to read.  For each of the following five days, there will be an exercise. When we gather for each week’s meeting, there will be an opening prayer/worship time. We will then divide into small groups and discuss how the daily exercises such as questions raised or the impact it is having on your life. There will then be a second section of the discussion time in which we will talk about how this would apply to our church as a whole. There will not be a teaching time.

The discussion times will have a structured format described above, and it will also be guided by ground rules.  The ground rules will essentially be that we will avoid trying to fix, save, or give advice to others in the group. There are more ground rules we will cover later. Our objective is one another’s transformation in Christ. Abiding by these ground rules will help make the groups a place that is prayerful, safe, and confidential for each participant.

There will be an orientation session for all the groups together on Sunday, December 31st, immediately following the morning worship service at 12:10. At this meeting, we will have the books for you at $8.00. Please bring payment at that time. We will also go over the process. This meeting should only be about 20 minutes. Another purpose for this meeting is that we can begin our reading and be prepared to share at our first gathering.



Another part of this process is that will have a retreat on Saturday, February 24th, from 9:00 to 3:30. Please save the date. The theme of the retreat will be spiritual discernment.


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– Larry Glover-Wetherington